25th May 2018

VMware Private Cloud Infrastructure issue affecting all systems

13:36PM - A monitoring system triggered multiple alarms at our private cloud hosting provider, all services, as well as all other private cloud hosting customers, and virtual desktop customers, of the provider, are inaccessible.

13:42PM - LiveBuzz’s private cloud hosts restored and powering up services in order of predefined priority.

13:44PM - Primary client facing services fully restored.

13:55PM - UAT environment and redundant database systems fully restored.

14:06PM - Provider has identified the root cause of the issue and has begun addressing it.

16:00PM - Infrastructure Jobs service restored (internal)

16:19PM - SmartMatch service restored (internal)

16:48PM - All stuck in progress tasks, and SmartMatch failed tasks, have been restarted (internal)

16:51PM - Private cloud management capabilities restored.